What's wrong with Bayview Farms on James Island

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I was showing property earlier today in the Bayview Farms subdivision of James Island, SC.  I had some clients with me in the car...you know, from "out of town".  And as we drove through the entrance of the neighborhood, things go quiet.  Now mind you, this isn't normally out of the ordinary but these folks were from New York!  They usually have a hard time keeping quiet (my NY friends can laugh and attest to this).  So the entire morning, we all had coffee and were talking back and forth about life, yapping away.  And like I said, when we get to Bayview Farms the car became completely silent.  I froze like a deer in headlights, wondering what I had said, or what I had done.  Do they not like the neighborhood?  Are they scared of this area?  Are they going to jump from the car?

Then I realized what had happened.  When you first drive into the neighborhood, there is a very nice entrance.  A great "Bayview Farms" sign that actually looks appealing.  Then there are the flowers.  Someone's really done a nice job with the flowers at the front of the neighborhood and they must want me to sell a house today (I'm thinking I'll have to send them a Thank-you note for help in this sale).  Then as you drive further in the neighborhood, you pass a lake teeming with wildlife, a few hundred year old oak trees, canadian geese, ducks- I got so excited I thought someone was going to "cue the deer" like in that Chevy Chase movie when they are trying to sell their house.

As we drove further into the neighborhood, there were a number of people jogging, walking, people walking dogs (more like dogs walking people), kids playing at the tennis court and swimming pools, squirrels running for their lives across the street...basically everyone in Bayview Farms in harmony doing what they love doing most...living life.

It was at that point that I knew why my buyers got so quiet.  There is nothing wrong with Bayview Farms.  Bayview Farms may just be the perfect neighborhood.  And it took complete silence from my buyers for me to realize it.

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I agree, we have something special here at Bayview Farms.  A great neighborhood and a great location!

Feb 06, 2010 03:46 PM