Central New York Alert: Fortuna Energy Drilling in Your Backyard SOON!

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Okay, time to unostrichize ourselves on the gas leasing that is rather quickly moving to the front burner with many landowners and activists in Central New York.  We've heard about it for a some time now, and some people have actually walked away with money in their pockets from leasing their land to energy companies for gas and mineral extraction.  What else though, is going on out here? 

The realities of what the outcomes are in some cases have had people hitting the roof, and with good reason.  Here is a short list of some isses that have come up:

  • Loss of clean drinkable water on premises
  • Loss of clean breathable air within the immediate surrounding area
  • Destruction of roads from heavy traffic and infrastructure development
  • Loss of privacy and quiet enjoyment of owned land
  • Serious health issues and compromises that are related to exposure to the process of high pressure gas drilling

This is the SHORT list.  It's well past the time to take action.  What can you and I do about this?

  1. Educate ourselves and others:  visit - Drilling 101  to understand the issues at hand;
  2. Familiarize yourself with the terms: Horizontal Drilling Hydro-fracking, Fracking Fluids, Waste-water Disposal, Well Pads, VOCs, and try having a conversation with a neighbor or a total stranger for that matter, and share your understanding with your own community;
  3. Volunteer at the grassroots level - sign on to receive updates from Shaleshock, or become an organizer within the group;
  4. Check out the Listening Project if you want to go into the fields (literally) to hear from people whose lives are being most directly impacted by the horizontal drilling processes.

Photos above are of active sites in rural PA and NY.


The next ShaleShock event will be in Bath, NY, Monday March 30th:

Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale: Informational Meeting in Bath, NY

March 30, 2009
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Bath Fire Hall
50 E. Morris Street
Bath, NY (Steuben County)

I urge Realtors and all citizens to pay attention to this issue - we have a responsibility to our clients to understand this issue and help them get the facts.  Please help spread the word!