As the real estate market goes, so goes the economy...

Real Estate Agent with Long & Foster Realtors

A few years ago, any given day would see multiple walk-in customers to our real estate office looking to buy their first home, find out the value of their current home, ask how to get started in a their next home search or to request a realtor list their property. This would be accompanied by well over a 100 telephone inquiries per day regarding all of the above and asking questions about properties they saw online, in the paper, or in a particular neighborhood.This is not to mention the countless inquiries in phone and in person about signing up for real estate classes each week. As time went on this slowed down to almost nothing over the last year. The real estate market was feeling the brunt of the troubled economy long before any corporation began their layoffs and for the most part long before anything was felt by the general public. 

Well, I am happy to report that those walk-ins and phone calls and prospective students are coming back strong. I have seen positive increases in walk-ins and phone calls as people are taking advantage of these unprecented interest rates and tax credits. As the real estate market rebounds strongly so will the remaining sectors of our economy and I am very glad to see it happening today right here in greater Baltimore metropolitan area. Contact a realtor today and secure your economic future by purchasing real estate which has been proven to be one of the best long term investments you can make. Of course, only buy what you can afford and a qualified reputable lending professional can guide you in making sound decisions in this process. The best realtors have relationships with the best lending professionas, both of which have built their careers on doing right by their clients. After all, we excel in our industries by virtue of your postitive feedback and referrals.

Welcome to the start of the rebound!



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