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Need some great, easy to understand instructions for gettin' some Google love?  Wait no longer, here it is!

Original content by Lisa Udy

If you ask any expert in SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), they will tell you the #1 factor for being highly ranked in the search engine results pages, (SERP'S), are high quality links. The more links you have pointing to your website, or blog, the better you will rank for your keywords.

This is true as long as the links pointing in your direction are organic. (Meaning the links are natural, with varying anchor text, and aren't paid for. Kind of like organic food, they are "natural" links from people talking about your content.).  Google can see paid links and they don't like them!

A widely known practice of SEO companies is to submit your website URL, (the web address), to free directories across the web. Doing this will increase your link love, and provides traffic from multiple sources around the web. The more places search engines see pointing to your website, the more you gain credibility for your work.

It's kind of like a voting system, for example:

Say your running for president (your website) and you have to get a certain amount of votes (links) to win the presidency (first place in Google search results). To get more votes (links) you have to advertise (submit links to directories, or create great content worthy of someone linking to). The more you advertise (more links) the better chance you have at winning the presidency ( first position in the search rankings).

One reason blogging is such a huge deal is the number of links you can pass on to your website. The more links to your website, the better. Just make sure your anchor text varies, so it looks more natural. For example: One of the keywords I want my website to rank for is: Logan Utah Real Estate. So when I link to my website using that keyword, I always differentiate my anchor text. 

Such as:

Real estate in Logan Utah, Logan Homes in Utah, Utah Real Estate in Logan, and so on...

The more you vary your anchor text, the more Google will think it's occurring naturally. If you hover your mouse over those links, a little pop up will show you what your going to get if you click on them. That is what "anchor text" is. Notice the difference in the text. This makes those links look more organic to Google, but they still have the keywords I want my website to rank for. 

Still following?

The same is true for your blog. The more links to your blog, the better you will rank in searches. The higher your blog ranks, and the more links you have from your blog pointing to your website, the higher your website will rank. 

Make Sense?

In short, the better your blog ranks, the more power those links pointing to your website will have on your search results.

Now that we are creating links to our website, how do we make those links carry more "Google Juice"? 

Get more links to your blog!


There are easy ways to get more links pointing to your blog:

1. Link to your blog from your website. ActiveRain makes this really easy for you to do. You can do this from your  A|R home page. On the left hand side towards the very bottom there is a link that says: Link To ActiveRain. All you have to do is paste the code on your website and your done. Easy.


2. Write great content that will induce people to link to it when they read it, or bookmark it. Easier said then done, but A|R gives  you an incredible tool to do this. The Re-Blog button, at the top of each of your blogs main purpose is to, spread link love to you. When someone re-blogs your content, it links back to you and you get a "vote" for your blogs "Presidency."


3. Submit your blog to blog directories. This is super easy, and all it takes is a little bit of time each day. The more directories your blog is found in: The more links, the more traffic, and Google juice it's going to get.

Here's the best part, no you don't have to go searching for tons of blog directories, I have found an incredible source with some great directories all in one place. 


Go here and check out all the directories, most of which are free, and won't require you to link back to them. Submit your blog with a description, some keywords, and your web address. This will gain you some traffic, and the all mighty link love to your blog! Don't submit to all of them in one day, be sure to spread it out over a few weeks, if not months, to make it look natural! 

Hope this helps!


Lisa Udy

Youngblood Real Estate



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