Have you read the Public Notices lately?

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What is a public notice? 

A public notice is information telling citizens of government or government-related activities that may affect the citizens' everyday lives. Public notices have always been published in local newspapers, the trusted source for community information.

Why are  they important?

Public notices are important because they provide information to the people who are interested in or want to know more about certain government activites, such as recent zoning changes, proposed tax increases or recent property transactions that may affect the lives of their family, neighbors or friends. Public announcements allow citizens to take part in the democractic process and give citizens the chance to voice their opinions at public meetings and hearings.

What are Public Notices used for?

Public notices are used in  many different ways. Citizens are informed about events happening throughout their communities - from the new hospital being built down the street, to zoning changes, to probate notices to creditors  on behalf of the estate of a recently deceased person.

Three of the most important public notices inform the public of:   

  • community changes
  • fraud and dishonest business practices
  • government transactions

Where are Public Notices published?

Almost every state in our country has laws that regulate the manner in which public notices are published.These laws are designed to make sure that the greatest amount of people receive important information about the actions of their government. Trusted local newspapers have always been  the preferred source of posting public notices and can usually be found in or near the classified section.

In addition to searching through newspapers, you can now  search for them online at  Mypublicnotices.com . MPN is a website that works with local newspapers to provide access to search public notice advertisements locally and across the USA.

Now anyone can locate important information about a community, a state or an entire region.

So get involved and participate in the democratic process, start searching today and read your public notices to see what's happening in your community!  




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