Is Today The Day !

Real Estate Agent with Assist-2-Sell

As of today I may have to look for another Broker.

Have gotten the word our doors may have to close.Things aren't that great here in Nashville TN.

I have always loved working with the people that I have been with.The office seems to be in a low at this time.I know that we are not the only ones that is going thru doors closing,there has to be something that will come our way.The doors just can not close.

Whats the catch to the buyers and sellers coming together on the price.

It seems that the sellers are still in the mine frame of the house been worth alot more and the buyers has it that this is the time they are going to get the deal.

My listing are good listing,but the buyers are just wonting to get the homes for nothing.

My sells are still way off.I feel that I am stuck in a hole and it is feeling with water and I am drowing.I know my spirts are down.But for a good reson.

In the past few weeks I have had some offers but they have been so low thats its unreal to even take to the sellers.The buyers are cutting the sellers 25 to 30 thousands.


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