Why Does a Lighted Sign Help Sell a Home?

Real Estate Agent with LISTINGLIGHT

If you ask any seller if they would like their real estate yard sign lit up for an extra 3 or 5 hours of exposure do you think they would refuse? The answer is obvious, of course not. In today's market sellers want every advantage we can give them and if people are working all day long the only time they have to look for houses is after work and at night. If there are 3 houses for sale on a block but your sign is lighted all the neighbor's in your farm take notice and file that information when they are ready to sell. We have over 125 testimonials on our website www.Listinglight.com where people have told us:

  • The Listinglight help them secure the listing on the pitch
  • Somebody saw my lighted sign and bought the house the next day
  • One agent received a three sided sale from a guy driving by and seeing the lighted sign out of the corner of his eye
  • The listing wouldn't sell for 3 months so I added the Listinglight and we sold the home in three weeks!

It's all on the testimonial page and we welcome you to read them for yourself.

Recently we were on a new TV show coming out in April called Pitchmen, gadgets to glory and the two hosts tried to buy our Listinglights on camera because they thought it would help sell their personal residences. That's an outstanding endorsement!

Listinglight fits all types of signs

Listinglight was first to market and are battery operated for a reason, they are brighter and more reliable than solar. Our single light can fully illuminate both sides of your sign and flyer box while the solar lights partially light your sign and work sporadically. Listinglight uses led bulbs and they batteries last up to 2 months. If it doesn't sell in two months and the seller complains about the light dimming...it's time for a price reduction!

Listinglights cost $65 each and make a huge difference in your marketing a property and securing new listings.


Thank you,

Bob Visotcky

Founder/ Realtor


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Dave Jones
Dave Jones Realty, llc. - Prospect, CT
Broker/Owner - e-PRO Dave Jones Realty llc Prospec

Loved the product... Are you guys still in business?

Feb 09, 2010 12:34 PM