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File Sharing WEB 2.0 Style - Just Thinking Inside The BOX

Reblogger Deborah Schilling
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It is amazing how the Realtor community shares its knowledge so freely. this is my first re blog (even first post). I appreciate the tip here about Box.net from Brad and the clarification supplied by the responses about Google Apps. So much to learn, so little time to figure it out while selling Real Estate. Hope I am doing this correctly.

Deborah Schilling, ABR, CRS, GRI


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Original content by Brad Andersohn Non-Licensed

Computer ScreensWith all the great tools available on the net for FREE these days, it seems like there's hardly any room or time to add anything new that will either simplify or complicate and consume our lives any further right?   There are literally hundreds of sites popping up each week that try to compete and offer greater value than the next site.  As I research what's out there, some of my favorite sites to investigate are the ones that might benefit us, our clients or our business.

Have you ever tried to email a file attachment that was too large for your email host, or too big for the recipient?  Many of these email hosts and pop servers put a limit to the file size you can share, send, or receive.  I wanted to share a file with someone the other day, and their email kept rejecting it because the file exceeded their email servers limits.  It was only 3 megabytes.

So looking for a quick and easy solution, I remembered hearing about Box.net  It's a file sharing site that allows you to upload all types of files and give others access to them.  It can be used for public or private sharing depending on how you set it up.  Having a site on the web to store files can also be a huge benefit if you ever need to access them while you're away from your own computer.  Of course having your own server is best, but most don't have that luxury.

Box.net lets you upload almost any file type and allows you store up to 1.0 gigabytes of data FREE!  You can also add additional services to your "BOX" like efax, Outlook, Gmail etc.  You can add your social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and others.  You can even post files directly to your blog to share information with others all over the world.

Here's a sample of one of my Business Cards I uploaded.  You'll get a kick out of that one! lol~  It's nice that there's no software or hardware required, it's really simple to use and easy to set-up, you'll have user permission controls, and they offer 24x7 phone support.  Here's one of the quotes from their site:

Did you know? Over 50,000 businesses use Box.net to share ideas, create content, and collaborate in an online workspace?  Users can access online file storage from anywhere - even on the iPhone or Blackberry.

Since they've been around awhile, that usually proves their value, stability, and WEB track record.

ComputerI think Box.net really simplifies file-sharing and team collaboration.  There's no attachments or FTP uploads, you just send your clients or co-workers a link.  This could be a useful tool to add to the many other tools and resources you'll find in the WEB 2.0 World.  Thinking and working inside the "BOX" may help you or your business be more productive when you're outside the box.  I'm just sayin...  :-)