Who Sold the House? You say Tomato, I say...

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Talking to buyers and sellers in and around Columbus, it becomes apparent that this idea can be confusing. When speaking about the Real Estate Agent (Remember that Realtor is a copywrited trademark of the National Association of Realtors) that sold the house, we’re talking about the Agent working for the Buyers.

So despite all the hard work, energy and time the other Realtor, the ‘Listing’ Realtor, puts into marketing and selling the home, it is the Buyer’s Agent who is said to have actually ‘Sold’ the home. I don’t know why it works that way either. Among Realtors, we say we sold a home when we were, in fact, the listing agent on the home. It is common to hear another agent say something like, “Oh yeah, I had the buyers on that home, it has a fantastic coffered ceiling in the dining room.” or some such thing.

That begs the question, Can the Buyers’ Agent put a Sold Sign in the home’s yard even if she/he is with a different company than the one who had it listed Yes, after the closing, and with the new owners’ permission, the Selling Realtor can put up a sold sign. I personally think it’s awkward and distasteful but it is perfectly legal.

Of course I’m not above sending out a few targeted emails or postcards saying I sold the home because I (usually) want people in the neighborhood to know that I like working in that Columbus neighborhood and that I’d enjoy helping them and their friends buy and sell a home in that neighborhood. Of course, I can’t sell any homes without clients, so give me a call or send me an email. Search for your next Columbus Area Home

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