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How All-Encompassing Should Your Home Search Be October 27th, 2008 categories: Bexley, Clintonville, For Home Buyers, For Home Sellers, German Village, Grandview, Olde Towne East, Real Estate News, Short North

Think outside the box of your next home when choosing your search criteriaThe short answer is that your home search should be as wide as possible but only within realistic confines. This is something first time home buyers struggle with more so than 2nd or 3rd time home buyers.

In part, that’s because a first time home-buyer in Columbus may find their home search defined much more by how much they can spend rather than where they’d ideally like to live. If you can’t afford your favored neighborhood, then you have to go where you can afford to buy (this is where a savvy realtor comes in handy). Location is King, so start there.

Where do you want to live, best case scenario Can you afford that community If yes, then zero in on your price range — the realistic one that goes from less than what you’re spending now (maybe even no bottom limit because you never know, maybe you could expand that little bungalow on a great lot) to the top of your comfort zone. Don’t even look past your comfort zone — just don’t. As a general rule, the more homes you run across, the better.

Now that you have the realistic confines of location and price, keep your search as wide open as possible. You think you don’t want a ranch in Clintonville, but what if a 2,100 square foot ranch with a full, walk-out basement on a ravine comes on the market Maybe you’d take a look – but not if you don’t know about it. You think you only want to look at homes in Grandview with at least 1.5 baths.

What if your perfect 2 story with only 1 bath, within walking distance to Grandview Avenue comes on the market and has a perfect spot under the stairs in an old closet for a half bath You would have missed it because you would have limited your search. As wide as possible but only within realistic confines.

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