Some of the most important Real Estate in the Vail Valley gets upgraded this Summer.

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 This summer, the airport in Eagle Colorado: the Vail Valley's direct flight airport, will be getting some improvements that will make it possible to get nonstop services to more destinations. Right now you can fly directly from Atlanta, JFK, La Guardia, Dallas, LAX, Chicago, Miami, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and Denver, but some only in the winter.

While the discussion of which destinations have yet to be determined, the new runway upgrade is scheduled to start this summer.  During that time the airport will be closed for about four months.  The runway will be lengthened by 1,000 feet to allow for certain aircrafts to carry more fuel and still be able to take off.  Because of the altitude in the Vail Valley,  in summer the runway is not long enough for the big planes to take off.  Analysis is still being done on the cost effectiveness to fly longer distances and to which locations. 

Direct flights to the Vail Valley from the top cities in the U.S. will make Vail more attractive to those people who are looking for ease of travel. Let's face it, air travel is not quite like a visit to the dentist, but it is getting close to it. The more painless it is to get here, the higher up on people's vacation list Vail will rise.

Meetings are being held to decide the next steps for the Eagle County Airport. Does the current situation provide ample needs for the Vail Valley or is expansion and growth going to become a necessity?  Are international destinations to Vail something that is a worthwhile venture to look into?  Going international not only poses the question of fuel and capacity but also of the need for a customs booth which is a big obstacle to overcome. But boy would that be a big plus to our Real Estate sales. As of right now we get foreign visitors but not so many foreign buyers of our Vail Real Estate.

There is also the forever on going talks of adding a special exit off of I-70 to make the airport more accessible. Currently, the drive time to the town of Vail from the Airport is about 30 minutes. Direct access to the highway may not  take a huge amount of time off  that trip, but certainly will make it easier.

You can come visit us by flying through Denver this summer and then taking a really  scenic drive up here. It is worth the drive and you will see what the locals say about what brought them here to begin with and why they are still here. "You come for the snow but stay because of the Summers".

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