Walking A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes!

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So, here I sit catching up on the work of the day, hoping I really am not acting like a first time home buyer parent! But, alas, I am in Rochester NY and they are in Endicott NY and as much as I'd like to be in control, I don't know the market there.

So, about 10 days ago I went on a REALTOR search. Found someone that I really liked (OK, so I liked her face!) and her web site. She's also a RE/MAX agent, so that made me happy. Gave her a call, and referred, my baby, my pride and joy! All 5'10 240 lbs, ex-college football player of him and his beautiful, smart, hardworking (yes, I am kissing up, my mother didn't raise a fool) significant other to this great agent. And off to look at homes they went.

But, the $120,000 they wanted to spend was not giving them the kind of home they wanted (sound familar?). So, they saw a couple they kind of liked - each liked a different one, but not enough to really consider. So, this past Saturday searching all of the home internet sites (like, how often do we tell our buyers, if I didn't send it to you, it's not in your price range!) they found the home of their dreams at only $149,900. And guess who has it listed? You guessed right. So, they called her, she had not told them about it because it's $30K more than they wanted to spend. We talked it over, looked at the pics and info, they knew the location and I encouraged them to go and see it.

Long story short (who am I kidding?) they went on Sunday, loved it. On Monday the mortgage rep relooked at their numbers, they can do it. So we spent the day on the phone talking it through because the agent is now a dual agent. Trying to think of all of the things I always do and say with my first time home buyers to make sure they are comfortable with the process, understand everything. Reviewing sales comps (heaven help me, I looked at Zillow!) and trying to give them advice without stepping all over their agents toes! What to remember to ask, put in the contract, negotiate for, inspections, etc. and encourage them at the same time because they really don't want to rent anymore. So, their REALTOR went to their apartment to write the offer (did I mention he is down and out with a really bad flu strain?) wrote the offer, presented it to her seller clients and they accepted! They are so happy and I keep thinking . . .what did I forget? And can I come to the inspection?


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Robert May
Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate - Lethbridge, AB
Real estate consulting

It is always funny when we really want to take such good care of our clients that we want to walk them hand in hand through the process.  I think we miss the excitement that they still feel.

Mar 30, 2009 04:56 PM