Is now the time to buy in Florida?

Real Estate Agent with GMAC Real Estate Real Property Group

This is a conversation that I was having with a couple of the agents in my office yesterday, and they are not so sure that the time is now. 

This morning I got to thinking, if the  property market is flooded with investment properties, that were bought to be rented out, and with the cut rate mortgages a lot of the renters, were able to buy homes of their own, how long are we expected to let our investments stand empty?  Well the answer could be that they will not be empty too much longer. 

With all the foreclosures that are coming on every day, there are numerous unfortunate families with no homes, and where are they expected to live?  They are going to need understanding long term landlords, who can realize that they are not in this position through any choice of their own, and need help re-building their credit and their lives.  

Properties, especially investment properties, are at an all time low, and they may be empty when you buy them, but I am sure with good landlords that set realistic rents, come good reliable tenants.  So having thought about it maybe the time is NOW.

So if any of you have family, friends or clients that are looking for ways to invest, get them to give me a call, and I will be more than happy to talk to them about the Florida housing market.