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Homesteading, back to basics living, heating with wood, growing your own food, creating a simpler lifestyle.  Is the call of the land calling you?

Raising critters, crops, kids. Would you like to ditch the corporate corner office? Is the tie you wear becoming more and more restrictive? Maybe with corporate down sizing and an early retirement package in the cards, buying a hobby farm in Maine is the answer at this stage in your life as you consider taking the golden parchute.  Doesn't mean you are setting up a yurt or living in a structure with a dirt floor that your sweep nightly. We're not talking "Little House On The Prairie".Just owning everything around you, a little more physical labor to rid you of that truck tire around the waist. Less stress from grid lock, stop and go six wide commutes. Less worry about losing your job and the depressing everywhere you look news on how close to the brink of a depression we are.

Lots of options for tutorials on your exodus from the suburbs to the country like Mother Earth News and Backwoods Home Magazine. Tons of on line forums for details and real life experiences with wind power to better built energy efficient homes, living green, eating better, and in many cases living self sufficient like our grandparents did. Could you do it? And has the idea of living on a 40 + acre spread ever crossed your mind? Trading in your Lexus for a Farmall traactor ? How far off the grid to you want to live? Composting toilets, relying on your neighbor who knows more about farm tractors than you, but helping him build that cattle barn bartering lifestyle? Is that the picture in your crystal ball?

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Many of our Maine homes had them all installed from the late 1970/early 1980 oil price spike so many just a case of firing them back up if they were not on line already. Had to install new chimneys in alot of cases longer cool to have oil and wood furnace using the same chimney.

Apr 01, 2009 10:06 PM