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I thought it was kind of neat to see all of the NAR commercials running so frequently the last couple of weeks during the NCAA's "Road to the Final" Men's basketball tournament on CBS (even if my team did get booted in the Sweet Sixteen round.)

The timing seems great, not only with the warmth of spring here, but even to the extent that the content of the commercials seems right on, plugging the updated stimulus package ($8000 tax credit for first time home buyers, etc).

I believe we have to hand it to NAR on this one, as they're obviously trying to enhance the products and services we offer to our clients. 

 But not only that have you noticed that NAR is now offering many eProduct versions of the tools and services made previously available only "For Sale" -  now for FREE on it's new web site Right Tools Right Now?

Many of you may find this a pleasant surprise because according to NAR "nearly 300 previously ‘for-sale' resources will be offered at discount or for free in the following categories:  Education Tools & Publications, Conventions & Events, Technology Services, Research Tools, Enhanced Services, Online Training and Association & Board Resources.  In some cases, new services have been created and offered at no charge to better help members in this time."

 Just thought I would pass this along, but let me know what you think as well as some of the areas you find most helpful as you put it to the test!

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