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Nonni's Food Company Opens in Yadkinville! Up to 200 new jobs!

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Yadkinville North Carolina has a new business opening!  Nonni's Food Company which in late 2008 bought a little used manufacturing facility from Unifi, has officially begun to hire workers to produce its high end cookie products.   Up to 200 jobs are expected to be created.  Hats off to the county commissioners and the previous owners of the plant for looking out for the citizens of Yadkin county.  No tax incentives have been promised as of yet.  Thanks Nonni for making Yadkinville your new home!


With 15+ years in the business, licensed with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the North Carolina General Contracting Board.  Certified Mortgage Consultant, E-Pro.  We provide the most comprehensive service set in the industry.  We can help with selling your current property, finding the new one, or build your dream home.  You save with each service you use, it reduces stress in a very stressful situation and our satisfaction guarantee is second to none.


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It's cool that you're sharing this.  It's important to support local businesses!

Nov 27, 2009 03:16 AM