Home Inspections - Not Just for Buyers Any More

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     You probably already know that if you were to buy a Sarasota Florida home without having a professional inspection , you'd be assuming an unnecessary risk.  But did you also know that in selling a Sarasota real estate property, you as the Seller can benefit by having a professional home inspection before you put it on the market ?

     If you're a home or real estate property seller, your first reaction might be "Why?   I don't want an inspector to uncover hidden problems that may cost thousands to repair."  Or, "If I do, then, I'd have to disclose any problems found on your state's Seller's Disclosure Form and/or reduce my asking price to compensate the Buyer for the needed repairs."

     Well, actually, there's a good reason why as a home or condominium seller, you would be well served by having a professionally conducted home inspection before putting the real estate property on the market.  Why?  Because if a professional inspector reports that your home is in good condition structurally and fully compliant with local codes, you have an great marketing tool that will help your Realtor sell your home quickly at the highest possible price.

     A clean pre-inspection report by a reputable professional gives validity to your asking price.  It also gives your propsective buyers confidence about your home versus others they may be considering.

     A serious buyer will demand a professional inspection as a contingency to an offer.  A competent real estate agent acting as a Buyer's Agent, will recommend an inspection, so its not as though you can get through this sales transaction without an inspection anyway.

     Your Listing Agent will advise you of any visible or cosmetic improvements that will help your home sell quickly at a higher price, such as a fresh coat of paint, neutral colors, fresh landscaping, and such.  But your Realtor can't see less obvious problems like small leaks, attic water damage from roof leaks, or electrical or code violations.

     Having your home pre-inspected before you place it omn the market can prevent any problems from occurring at the "11th hour" just before closing, be a great selling tool and an extra measure of protection after the sale.  Think of it as "an inexpensive insurance policy" for a smooth home selling experience.


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John Mulkey
TheHousingGuru.com - Waleska, GA
Housing Guru

Pre-inspections are a great idea, Andree.  I've always recommended them to sellers. As you point out, they really provide benefits to eager sellers and can help them avoid the hassle of dealing with unknown problems at the last minute.

Apr 01, 2009 11:55 AM