April Fools For Realtors! or Just Another Day in Paradise!

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APRIL FOOLS!!!!  By Dee Miller


Have you ever had a day when you wish someone would just say, "April Fools!"


It's Monday, we both had a LONG weekend and all we want to do is sleep in.  Both cell phones start ringing!  We let them go to voice mail and get up!


Half way to the office, my grandson's school calls.  Isaiah is sick and they can't reach his Mom.  I turn around and pick him up at school. By now he is REALLY sick!!! I can't leave him so Tom will have to go to our closing from hell! 


The sellers didn't do everything on the remedy request and our buyers are MAD!!! Tom handles conflict better so maybe I lucked out even though I'm taking care of a sick kid. After 30 minutes of battling back and forth, an escrow is decided on. The commission check is made out to the wrong office! After hassling with this, he is late to an inspection and the inspector has left with the report and our buyers are from out of town.


The financing release which was due on Friday is not to us yet.  The agent won't return our calls!  We then find out he is out of town and no-one seems to know who is covering for him and the file is nowhere to be found!


I go to do a showing and drop the key through the slats on the porch.  I hope nobody sees me crawling around. Of course today is a day when I decided to dress up in a skirt.  I'm trying to hurry before the buyers show up!  They never do!!


After lunch, we're both headed opposite directions for appointments.  Tom's phone is ringing.  Why do I have Tom's phone?  Then mine starts ringing.  I have them both!!


Off to another showing. I knock at the door and call the owner's name because I see his car out front.  Nobody answers so he must not be home.  Upon entering the living room with my clients, I see the seller sprawled out in a recliner in a bathrobe which is wide open and not a stitch on underneath! "Orville!!"  I yell, as I try to back my buyers out of the room! He acts like he is startled but I'm not sure!


Back to office.  By now I have tracked down Tom so he can retrieve his phone.  I get a call from someone showing a rental property we have listed.  When I ask how they like it, the agent informs me it was a rather short showing because one of the tenants was in bed with her boyfriend and her buyers rushed out!!!! Darn kids!!!!


One final thing to do today.  A final walk-thru on a home that was a little bit un-tidy.  You know the kind I mean!  We open the refrigerator and are about blown away with the smell.  The power has been turned off with food in it!!  Looks like I get to clean a stinky refrigerator.  Maybe Tom will help me.  I don't think so!! So I suffer through.


It's all in a day's work!!!  That's why we make the big bucks!  Right!!!!


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