The Mini Myrtle Beach Real Estate Shift

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I have been in real estate hell for almost two years and I feel as though I am out! Why? The Myrtle Beach Real Estate market is making what I call a mini shift! We are writing more contracts, taking more calls, and the action is back. Buyers are starting to come to the market faster than we can deal with them. Offers are going in on short sales, foreclosures, developer close outs and more. There are many reasons but just like the media crushed the real estate market the media is talking now is the time to buy. Depending on who you talk to would determine on whether you belive it or not but the bottom line is the prices are at five to seven year lows, interest rates are low and cash buyers are on the way.

Myrtle Beach Short Sales are still a very difficult process but you can find great deals if you can find the right team that knows how to deal with the process. Make sure you ask your realtor about the best way to find short sales and deal with the bank.

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