Thinking of adding a screened porch to your lake sinclair home?

Home Builder with N & J Lake Properties, LLC

If you take a good look at this photo you can see that the screen is made in panels just like a window screen, only larger.

If you frame the inside of the openings on your screened in porch and place individual panels of screen in them maintenance is so much easier.  If one area needs replacement it is simple and easy to repair that one area.

And as an added feature if you will lay a layer of screen down on the runners before the floor boards are nailed down it keeps bugs from entering the natural spaces that come as the lumber dries.

This way you can enjoy your screened porch bug free.

If you are thinking of adding a screened porch to your home on lake sinclair this summer call me for a free quote. 706-473-1682

Looking for a home that comes with a screened porch:  Check this one out.

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