Got WOOD??? How about Green Wood????

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What's all the Buzz with Green???

Growing up in a family in the lumber business I have naturally been around wood all my life. Throughout the past 55 years the Standale Lumber Family has seen many trends come and go. We have always adapted our family and company to respond to the trends in the construction industry. With each new trend we learn as much as possible and help others learn.

The current trend, especially in Michigan, is towards Green Building. Unfortunately, 30 years ago during the energy crises, there were similar discussions regarding energy savings. Here we are 30 years later and we have not progressed that far. Green Building is a concept whose time is here and enough people are finally getting involved that it is going to have a very positive effect on our environment.

As I learn about all the "new" construction products and what makes them green it is natural for me to keep revisiting wood, my time honored friend,  as the ultimate green product.

What makes a product green? Green products minimize the impact on our environment; they are reusable, renewable and sustainable.

Wood is the answer. Wood is the most reusable, sustainable and renewable product available. Wood  helps reduce the greenhouse effect by storing carbon by taking it from CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) was developed to study purchasing and using renewable materials. Corrim has some terrific results from research showing the "green-ness" of wood.

Biosphere cycle - corrim


 The above diagram taken from is a great diagram regarding the bioshpere cycle and where energy comes out and goes in the cycle. Wood takes an active role throughout each step of the cycle.

Wood is a natural Green product especially because of the way it helps our environment. Don't overlook it!

In the 1990's the US planted more trees than it harvested. We certainly "Have Wood"!

Robert Cramer
Five Star Property Inspections - Belleville, IL
As a fellow woodworker, I couldn't agree more.  I have been turning lately, making bowls and the such.  Wood is definitely a great natural resource.
May 17, 2007 05:03 PM
Kevin Caldwell
Mountains-to-Sea Conservation, Inc. - Marshall, NC

Buzz -

Thanks for this great blog.  I'm not a realtor but an ecologist working with a few local eco-realtors in my area as a referal and together with doing baseline ecological work on which to site a home (or clustered homes), I work with 2 great sawmillers who custom saw quite a bit of 'carolina' siding and other wood for paneling, posts, beams etc....its great.  I'm proud to say (and see daily) the wood on & in our cabin that came from just our little road and homesite - there's literally not a moment indoors we don't see it, think about it, or revere the land for what it gives.   

I wish more people would considering utilizing wood directly from their raw land - I can't tell you how many people in our area (southern Appalachians) simply clear off their tract regardless of the volume of usable wood, toss it to the side or burn it, and simply destroy the very natural heritage and history they came here to be with. Its maddening. Someone could start a business just pulling all this stuff, milling the good wood, setting specialty wood aside (like rhododendron for railings, etc), and mulch the rest.  what a waste.  Of course - it doesn't work for all lots but wow...some of the potential I've seen lately, just tossed aside.  I guess thats the mark of an advanced civilization, eh?


May 17, 2007 10:52 PM
Gary Smith
Agent Marketing Today - Commerce Township, MI
Buzz, good information. Hope to see you in June at the energy fair.  i was out taking photos the other day of all the dead ash trees. Any use for this wood?
May 18, 2007 12:29 AM
Mary McGraw
GLREA - Rockford, MI
2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine!
Buzz, excellant information. We have tongue & groove on our cabin walls and ceilings. Not only is it always beautiful, it is so much easier to clean! You make good points.
May 18, 2007 01:51 AM
Buzz Holtvluwer
Standale Lumber and Interiors - Grandville, MI

Robert - always appreciate items made from wood. I have a friend in Naples Florida whose father makes Urns from scrap wood from the mill. What a great recycling idea. Post some pictures of your projects!

Kevin - Very good post. There are some guys up in Michigan with portable saw mills who will come on site during the clearing process and process/mill the lumber into various lengths/boards for use in other projects. I wish it was something I could do on the side! The rhododendron railings sound very interesting. I would like to have more information and see some pictures. In Michigan we use a lot of cedar for railings, posts, etc. The rhododendron railings peak my interest. People building cabins here might find that interesting or different because everyone else has cedar. Maybe this is something we can collaborate on.

Gary - We're not in the rough end or milling of lumber. I would hope that there is a use for that. I would direct those questions to Budress Lumber or similar small mills that may have use for it or could develop a use for it. It is a shame we are loosing so many ash trees. Great post! Thanks for your comments and make sure you poke your head in our booth and introduce yourself at the energy fair. I look forward to some good conversation with you.

Mary - Thanks.

May 18, 2007 05:15 AM


Hi and WELCOME to the ECO-All-Stars!

I visited your profile page and found this..."With hearts for serving, we are developing partnerships with employees, suppliers and customers to contribute positively to the quality of life in our community. ..." This kind of energy surely can open a world of possibility for all concerned. THX!

May 18, 2007 03:53 PM
Buzz Holtvluwer
Standale Lumber and Interiors - Grandville, MI

Sorry JaneAnne. I read your comment and appreciate the welcome! Sorry it took me so long to respond.

 I was waylaid by a VERY green building project "fire" today I had to put out.

We received a call on windows that were ordered a week ago that the homeowner does NOT want low-E glass in several of the windows.

A Monday in the life of Buzz started happening...through the efforts of a major corporation the windows in question will not be Low-E, will not be delayed and will not cost the client anymore.

The reasons for the request for "Non" Low E glass, the project and the manufacturer who jumped through hoops along with the lesson Standale Company learned will be revealed in a future blog!

Thanks for adding me to your associates! I'll make you proud!

May 21, 2007 04:13 PM


I can hardly wait to read  your future post. I love a mystery and now you've got me/us all wondering...could it be a photo post as per the Gold Star CHALLENGE?? (see top of the posts for guidelines)

May 22, 2007 01:39 AM
Mary McGraw
GLREA - Rockford, MI
2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine!

Oh vay! Buzz updated today! check out his new blog....

Funny thing is...the situation changed 10 minutes after he posted...that stinks!

I'd love to link but it seems AR won't come up on my blog!

Tomorrow we are off on another field trip -- Thorntree commons, Adam Bearup Hybrid Homes, and beautiful Michigan...

This is what teamwork is all about..we're glad you are along for the ride! 

May 22, 2007 02:30 PM
Mary McGraw
GLREA - Rockford, MI
2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine!

There is is! I had browser problems last night!

May 22, 2007 11:02 PM
Buzz Holtvluwer
Standale Lumber and Interiors - Grandville, MI

Thanks Kevin for the pictures. I'd love to do that when I get "older" - have my own onsite mill to help people reclaim the trees from their own property. With this little bit of effort we can use the materials available on our own properties.Kevin Caldwell Rhodo Railings Picture courtesty of Kevin Caldwell.

Thanks for tossing in the picture of the cabin and the home milled t&g.

Your work and efforts are something to be proud of.

Keep it up! We'll get the word out!

May 30, 2007 01:37 AM
Michael Eisenberg
eXp Realty - Bellingham, WA
Bellingham Real Estate Guy
I went on a listing appointment yesterday for an awesome log cabin, it had the biggest logs I have ever seen in one, lots of them 20" im diameter, The beauty of wood.
May 30, 2007 05:35 AM
Buzz Holtvluwer
Standale Lumber and Interiors - Grandville, MI
Hope you got the listing appointment Michael! When using that large a log they need to be dried properly which will give less shrinkage on the logs. Love big logs!!
Jun 01, 2007 05:43 AM