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I am a new comer in real estate and have attended classes and seminars where Realtors are taught that in order to get listings they will have to knock doors, go after expired listings, contacting FSBOs and so on.

With the advancement of technology and availability of this facility to all Realtors, taught methods seem to be obsolete. Therefore, why not use the electronic media and introduce new ways of getting listings and buyers. This seems easier and cheaper.

Opinion of experienced Realtors is sought with suggestions how to go ahead? This will help all Realtors.

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Uzi Husain
Keller Williams Integrity First - Scottsdale, AZ

Salaams Mr. Motiwala -

I think Real Estate as a profession is definitely embracing technology.  In fact, blog sites are turning out to be an excellent lead generating tool.  You'll probably read several posts right here on AR that attest to it.  For me personally I've enjoyed lead generating success by online blog sites, online marketing and so on.  In fact I'm a huge advocate of embracing technology since my husband owns a software design firm and has helped several realtors with their business marketing collateral includiing websites and SEO - but I have to tell you.  The truth is, real estate is a very local business and a people business.  Online you can be successful but I doubt you can use it exclusively to build your business, simply because you're missing the "personal touch".  this business is about building rapport and trust.  Something that cannot happen easily online.

Uzi Husain
Arizona Realtor, serving Goodyear & The Phoenix metropolitan area

May 18, 2007 02:11 AM
Ross Willingham
Tomson Real Estate - Stillwater, OK
Realtor Associate

"E-Marketing" (as I like to call it) is only one part of an effective marketing campaign for newcomers to the industry.  I think it's important, but don't rely soley on internet marketing.  It should be a part of a comprehensive approach that includes expireds, fsbos, farming, traditional marketing and the best method of marketing -- and that is simply talking to people and passing out your business cards.   Now having said that, I am a Realtor and I occassionally build websites for others.  If you have an interest in a website, send an email to me at  I can build and effective site for you at a good price.


May 18, 2007 02:19 AM