Do Your Listings Have the WOW Factor?

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This is a great post, especially if the house needs some workm we can do for you, here in the Upstate of SC, we can make you house say WOW

Original content by Sandy Childs
You are going on a listing appointment. You are hoping that this house will have a good WOW Factor. The WOW Factor is what makes the house stand out, what makes potential buyers want to see the house, the best feature about the house ~ the focal point for your advertising. Does it have a beautifully landscaped front yard or a nice flat, wood fenced private backyard, with a spacious multi-tiered deck or large patio for entertaining, a beautiful inground pool, or it it on a golf course? Is it tastefully decorated without too much of the sellers imprint on it? Are the closets large, is the kitchen fully equipped? Does it have anything to focus the advertising on, to draw a potential buyer.


You are sitting in your car, in front of the house. You start looking for the Wow Factor, the yard offers nothing that would make a potential buyer call. You ring the doorbell, introduce yourself to the sellers; you go inside and look around ~ nothing stands out ~ the house is just plain vanilla. You go out into the backyard and there is nothing there that could create a WOW factor, in fact it could use a little work. By now you have realized that this house has no WOW Factor.


In today's market, the WOW Factor is more important that ever if your listings are going to sell. When the listing has nothing that puts it above the rest and if the sellers are not willing to get the property in WOW condition, then there is only one thing left, PRICE.

Every house needs a WOW FACTOR and if it doesn't have one, then the PRICE has to be the WOW FACTOR!



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