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Good Afternoon.  This blog is a follow up piece, to Lake Oconee, about docks and seawalls on Lake Sinclair.  This is only general information.  I will be happy to expand on this information should anyone want to inquire further but for the time being here are the general guidelines:

L a k e  S i n c l a i r


• Seawall construction will require proper erosion and sedimentation controls. After completion of seawall and until the vegetative buffer is restored, a silt fence must be installed and maintained just behind the new seawall at ground level and a row 26' inland from wall. All disturbed ground within the 25' vegative buffer will be covered with straw or sod.

• Plans should show the following:

1. the length of shoreline to be fronted by the seawall.

2. the type of foundation to be installed and depth below ground line.

3. the type of materials to be used for construction of the seawall.

4. the height of the seawall should be no higher than necessary to stabilize shoreline.

5. a re-vegetation plan.

• The distance between the proposed seawall and the existing shoreline shall not exceed 2'. The location of the proposed seawall must be staked at 25' intervals in order for inspectors to assure the original contour is adhered to as close as possible. For very irregular shoreline, stakes shall be no more than 10' apart.

• Creosote timbers are prohibited for new seawall construction.

• New seawalls constructed with concrete block will require the blocks to be filled solid with concrete and stucco must be applied to the lakeside of the wall.

• GP requires placing rip-rap along the base of all seawalls. This application helps reduce undermining and restores shoreline habitat. Recommended amount from normal (full pool) water level: slope ratio of 1' of width per every 1' of depth.


• Regarding newly established lots or developments platted after 2000: A minimum lot width of 100' is required for all shoreline structures. Seawalls are the exception.

• There is a minimum 15' setback from side lot line or any such extended imaginary lot line as determined by extending line lakeward.

• Only one dock is allowed per lot.

• Docks may be floating or stationary or a combination of both. Only approved encapsulated or Dow Polystyrene flotation will be permitted for use with floating docks. Metal drums, plastic barrels, modified pontoon boats and other such items or materials are prohibited.

• Dock color may be brown, beige, gray or natural.

• Docks cannot extend beyond other shoreline improvements, and should not exceed 50' in length from the shoreline.

• Maximum dimensions on any portion of a dock are 16' x 20' with no single dimension exceeding 20', with 16' side parallel to shoreline.

• The minimum width of walkway is 4'. Maximum width, 6'.

• Plumbing, other than water spigots and pumps, is prohibited.

• Replacement of unapproved flotation may be required at the time of any dock renovation or replacement. Replacement of unapproved flotation will be required at time of lease/license renewal or transfer.

Due to the many and varying types of docks on Lake Sinclair it is best to check with your real estate agent or Georgia Power to find out what you may or may not be able to construct or modify.  I have additional information on dock and seawall types.  If you would like this additional information just let me know at 404-272-8037,, or

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