Government Takes Control Over Banks With TARP

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One more reason I don't trust the current crop of politicians. It seems there are some banks that want to return TARP money but the Government just ain't gonna have it. Few on the outside really understand just why but one reason could be that it's all about control. Think about it, many banks were coerced into taking TARP money and now that they have, they are subject to all sorts of crazy demands on how they conduct their business.

Personally I don't understand how a lender, in this case the federal government, can refuse repayment of a loan. It sounds like something a loan shark or a mobster might do to work you over for a little bit extra. Chicago politics? Aren't these guys supposed to be protecting the public? Instead it looks like they're running a protection racket.

Checkout the article I got this info from by the Wall Street Journal below and see if you can sleep tonight.

Barack Obama Maintains Control Over Banks By Refusing to Accept Repayment of TARP Money -

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