Buyers, buyers where are they coming from?

Real Estate Agent with Alliance Real Estate


There are a number of buyers out there in the market.  I am definitely not complaining but where are they coming from?  I am trying to understand more about the market. 

Are the buyers hitting a certain demographics?  Are they all looking at the same price range of homes?  Could they be coming from the $8,000 stimulus package?  I have experienced a range of clients, wide range of prices, and locations. 

I have been trying to do as much research as I can.  I spoke with the relocation department at a Real Estate company in the metro and they could not associate any big hiring moves by some of the larger companies.  Maybe we are missing some.  Maybe there is an employer making a better impact then we realize.   And maybe it is a combination of medium and small size companies  that are bringing in new employees.

As I said, I am very glad we have a number of buyers in the metro area.   I look forward to each exciting new client.  Everyone has something to offer and learn from.   I am just curious as to what has brought all the buyers out.

I am lucky to be experiencing a new real estate era.

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