How to get your life back on track, after a Life transition such as a job loss, marriage, new baby a divorce.

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Sometimes in our lives things just get out of control,  getting Organized is the key to keeping your control..  I have noticed in my life, that the more clutter I have around me, in my Home, car and Office has a negative effect on my body and a significent emotional impact...Sometimes we have situational chaos due to some major changes in our life that is beyond our control.  

The first step is to realize you have a problem with clutter,  Start small  and get rid of the guilt with trying to keep those mementos, take photos, of those things and file into an album.   Create balance, always get rid of something old, prior to bringing in something new.

One of the top three disorganized rooms i find is home office/den, second is bedroom and third was garages.  There is many different types of storage systems to help you get organized, Ask yourself this question?  Are you a stacker or a flier?  Me I am a stacker,  Lord knows I hav filing from way back still waiting to be filed.   You cannot be afraid to ask for help, whether it be professional assistance or just a friend or relative,  Declutter your life, and understand that clutter can get in the way of moving forward. every nook and cranny can be filled with storage systems to help you get organized.

Organize your closets, donate to the goodwill, or a local homeless shelter,  tidy up your closet by adding Slanted shoe shelves,  hang you clothes by type, tuck your off season clothing and accesories on a top shelf.  make sure that your closet shelving is adjustable.  have some drawer inserts and dividers. Remember there is always proffessional assistance available.

I really must learn to purge more.  I cannot throw any of my favorite clothes away,  I keep shirts till you can read the paper thru them,  I am trying to learn the are of declutter and balance. 

The Best advice to give you is to Dont give up just take it one day at a time and you will feel that a load has been lifted off of your shoulders.


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