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This is a note for my fellow appraisers, and to anyone else under a tremendous amount of stress. I hope this post will also help, the people sitting on the sidelines, that just read the blogs, but are to afraid to write one, or post a comment. Because if you're too afraid to post to a blog, you might be too afraid to talk to someone about your troubles.


With our uncertain future, with the HVCC start date of May 1st, I'm reading some posts. By people who are very stressed out. I know I'm one of them, the best advice I could give is talk to someone! Most appraisers work by them selves, not in a shop or office setting, and sometimes, we has humans need to vent. Talk to someone outside of the industry, your support network of family and friends. If you don't have a support network, talk to a clergyman, or a counselor, get it off your CHEST!!


Stress is a KILLER, it lead to heart attack, stroke, depression and other illnesses. The build up of stress, and the feeling of being overwhelmed, also leads other people to snap.


By talking to someone, and listening to them, you might see things in a different light. Maybe a way out, if not at least you vented.

Sara Goodwin
Estimation Nation Corporation - Portland, OR
Portland, Oregon Appraiser

Hi Michael -  So true... and your advice is wise not just for appraiser's in this financial climate.  My friend who is a masseuse said that her business is booming with tense and stressed out clients right now.  So everyone step back, take a moment, breathe and remember what's really important out there.

Apr 05, 2009 03:57 AM
Michael Zollo
Coral Springs, FL
Certified Residential Appraiser, South Florida, FH

Seems like a timely post for me, as I had my 90yo father move in with us, and my 7yo daughter has spring break this week!

Apr 06, 2009 07:00 AM
Tom Horn
Thomas Horn, Real Estate Appraiser - Alabaster, AL
Appraising The American Dream


Good advice at a great time.  Anytime I get stressed out I go sit with my 7 yr old daughter and 11 year old son and watch Spongebob.  He's always good for a laugh.  Always remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Apr 07, 2009 01:31 AM
Jeremy Cowin
Jeremy Cowin Appraisals - Altadena, CA

I was going to post something here on this blog very profound but am too stressed out to recall what it was!

JK of course, however, I whole heartly agree!  Due to my background in healthcare, I have resources and tools to help me deal with my stress levels (a bike ride, hike with my dog, call up a friend for coffe), and everyone needs to find that outlet that serves them best - networking, counseling, massage, exercise, kick-boxing, rifle range, social gatherings, etc.

Good point to be reminded of!  Thanks Michael!



Apr 08, 2009 12:13 PM
Gynell Stalford - Texas Cert. Appraiser *****FHA & FLAGSTAR APPROVED*****
Metroplex Appraisal Services - The FHA Appraisal Shop - Frisco, TX

Thanks for opening up this conversation Michael. I honestly logged in this morning to see how other appraisers were doing and whats going through their minds etc. 

Apr 13, 2009 01:23 AM