Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to Help Builders Sell More Homes

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In today's market there is a greater need than ever for aggressive construction financing.

To fulfill this need, two of the biggest players in the real estate industry have joined forces to help builders sell more homes, more profitably. If you're a builder or a Realtor who works with new construction buyers, contact me to discuss how we can dramatically increase the demand for your homes by providing industry-best high LTV construction financing for your buyers.

 We offer new construction buyers:
- Up to 96.5% FHA Construction financing (most banks have retracted down to 75% - 80% LTV on construction loans in many markets)
- Rates as low as 4.75% during construction.
- Long term rate locks for up to 12 months.
- Credit Scores as low as 620
- Loan amounts up to $750K

Contact me today to learn more and let us start helping you sell more homes!

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