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OK, I know Alltel is now Verizon (sort of).  In December we (as a company) moved to a Alltel cell phone system for our Realtors.  From that, I tripped over their system of "Voice2TXT".  GREAT system, and only $6 per month.

It works like this - someone calls my Cell, I don't answer.  They leave a voice message, a computer converts the VM to a text message and sends it to my cell.  Now I can READ the VM whether I'm in a meeting, or when I get up in the morning.  Maybe I'm out showing clients and don't want to retrieve my messages.

NOW, if I can't call back, I can send a text message back to them.  If they don't have text service or the return number is a land line, the same computer converts my text mesage to a "Voice" message.  If they answer at the other end they hear the message, or it will leave a recording for them.

Cool stuff, not very expensive, and REALLY increases my productivity.  Even in a class or meeting.

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Scott Carlton
San Diego, CA

Good stuff Greg. You find all of the cool toys.

Jun 05, 2009 08:31 AM