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Everything the NY Times Prints & Says is 100% TRUE!! Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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I read a featured blog yesterday that quoted a NY Times article as it's basis for it's premise and BOY has it created controversy!

I WONDER WHY????? #$%%*$#&$%^&%%^*%^&*%&*

Geez....it amazes me that the blogs that get read the most, are the most contraversial, and mostly not factual! 

George W Bush is to blame for Global warming, Al Gore invented the internet, and Barack Obama doesnt know who Rod Blagojevich is? Huh?




The liberal news media is NOT ALWAYS CORRECT, and more importantly, they leave the MOST IMPORTANT FACTS out of their stories!  Wake up people!  Do you honestly think because a newspaper prints it, it is true?  When I was in college, I was taught that you had to have MORE than one source for each fact that you state..or, in this case, an alledged fact!  I hope & pray that the NY Times is a credible reference, but it is the information that they LEAVE OUT that irks me!



I have been under a couple of mistaken impressions since I have been on AR, and here they are:

1.  That you didnt get posting points for plagiarizing material or using ALREADY printed information.

2.  That the staff at Active Rain screens these blogs!  I actually have written AR about this subject on one of my blogs, and have some interesting responses!  However, in my case, I didnt care about the "points" you get...just ONLY CARED about getting usable, factual information out to the public! 

I try very hard to BLOG about subjects to HELP PEOPLE understand the market we are in, how we do our job, and how there ARE good guys out there, and people that want to help YOU succeed in your career!  My idea is very unique it appears and includes TRUST, PARTNERSHIPS, TAKING OWNERSHIP, and most importantly, being ACCEPTABLE to CHANGE!

Okay, I do not want to be known as a "KNOW IT ALL", or worse, a guy who PRETENDS to know it all!  I am not an expert at ANYTHING...but I am really good at alot of things!  :)   Mortgages are one of those things I am good at!  Nonetheless, when I can learn something I will!  If I am wrong I admit it!  Most importantly, I will get my facts straight, or stand corrected!  EXPERIENCE COUNTS TODAY!  However, that includes putting your negative experiences away on the shelf only as a lesson learned, NOT the NORM!!!

Active Rain is/was my first experience at blogging!  I appreciate Active Rain, and enjoy this forum!

I try to stay on message, and stay positive! 

I would suggest the same to everyone else!

Our company specializes in  1st time home buyers, USDA loans, and all other conventional programs, as well as VA loans!

Thank you Active Rain for the forum, but not only should we hold each other to higher standard, but also we need to consider WHO the blogs are attacking AND their facts before we feature them!  Active Rain, you need to also hold  yourself to a high standard as well!

Thanks!  & Happy selling one & all!






Mary Beth

Thank you for your post.  As a consumer, I just had a terrible experience with a major national lender, who was often less than truthful with me.  It is great to know there are mortgage brokers out there, such as yourself, who will put out honest and accurate information on your industry.

Apr 06, 2009 11:51 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Thanks Mary Beth!

Did your lender issue involve CITI by chance??




May 05, 2009 11:32 AM