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I was recently introduced to the President of iZoca, a new networking site located convienently at

We all probably use numerous networking sites all established for different purposes.  But with the busy schedules that most of us keep its extremely hard to keep up with them all.  So I am sure that signing up for another networking site is not high on your April To-Do list.  But I have to say that after speaking with Jeff the iZoca president there is real promise in functionality of iZoca. 

I currently use AR, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as my primary online networking resources.  But what I have found lacking in all four is the "real world" use of each.  I think they all have excellent online use, AR and LinkedIn being my favorites.

iZoca gives real world groups a forum to communicate and interact during the times that they are not physically meeting together.  I use iZoca for my BNI Chapter right now, no more handing out speaker rotations which are just going to end up in the garbage.  I am also a Board Member of a local young professional organization the Capital Alliance of Young Professionals or CAYP.  The board members use iZoca to communicate about meetings, event set-ups, etc.

I may be biased about iZoca because its an Albany, NY startup and I'm a huge Albany Homer... But I think the site has tons of potential and I hope you find it useful as well.

Thank you,


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Brent Johnson
Chase International South Tahoe Realty - South Lake Tahoe, CA

You are right, who has time for another networking site! I will at least check it out.

Apr 06, 2009 02:05 AM