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I can't belive that it is APRIL. It is my birthday this month and I cant belive that either. I have to say that I have been busy. I've got 3 listings....and I really want to sell them. We do this thing here in Lubbock where we do an open house for the Realtors only. We do it with our new listings and have our perferred lender come and bring lunch. It is great. My lender is the best, they have the best food and the best give aways.I really an thankful for everything that they do for me. THe open house works out good because it gets the realtors in there to see your new listing in person instead of just looking at the pics. Open houses in houses that are occupied are just not a good idea, but if you only do it for the agents....they remember it and bring thier clients back. I have sold one of my listing the day of my open house because the agent just knew that her buyer would love it. It is also a good way to talk to the other agents about what you have going on and what they have out there that might work for your buyers. What are you doing that is working for you? This is what we have found and it seems to work, at least for us it is. My lender does more than any other lender that I know of. Thanks for everything!



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Ella Glover
Lubbock Homes - Lubbock, TX

Well now its Oct and only a few months to go until the year is over!  How will it end for you?  Can you make a few more sales???

Oct 19, 2009 08:54 AM
Ella Glover
Lubbock Homes - Lubbock, TX


May 12, 2010 02:19 AM

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