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Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageWe have plenty of local color in Georgia even when the cherries & crape myrtles aren't blooming. Atlanta comedian Jeff Foxworthy has made his fortune laughing about his Southern upbringing. As an AR service, I've decided to expand on Jeff's offerings by starting an Appalachian American Thesaurus in AR. Knowing how & when to use ya'll or you-uns won't get you far enough. Today's words:

Studdun- verb. Studying, Considering.

Haddinorta- verb/adverb combination/abomination. Should not, Ought not, Often prefacing a double-negative

Neerbout- adjective. Almost, Nearly, Around, Approximately

As in:

"I been studdun 'bout sellin' ma 4 acres in Ball Ground fer $42,500 a acre but the folks at www.erasunriserealty.com and the Chamber of Commerce folks at www.cherokeega.com keep tellin' me I haddinorta lowball it like 'at 'cause somethin' called a "market analysis" sez land's wuth neerbout $60,000 a acre anywhere in Cherokee County."

Tune in next week for another lesson. 

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North Metro Atlanta community banker, Woodstock, GA


Chris & Karen Highland
eXp Realty - Frederick, MD
Integrity, Experience, Enthusiasm!

Oh this is priceless! The folks in West Virginia must be 4th cuzins to the folks down your way.  Thanks for the chuckle.

Apr 08, 2009 07:03 AM
Clark Blackwell
Crescent Bank & Trust - Woodstock, GA

Chris & Karen- Probably waaay closer than 4th cuzins. Over in Alabama, they say the toothbrush was invented in North GA. If it'd been invented anywhere else, it'd be called a teethbrush. Of course, we say the same thing about AL, since the best thing to ever come out of AL was Interstate 20.

All kidding aside, my son plays bluegrass fiddle. I play Scruggs-style banjo. We just learned a song called Bluestone Mountain.  The Greenbrier River's mentioned in the song, and it's about a boy getting lost forever in the caves of West Virginia. We found the mountain & the river on his Appalachian Trail map this past weekend. We need to make that a road trip some time.

I need to get back to my Hee Haw re-runs on RFD TV.

Apr 09, 2009 02:59 AM