Is the housing Boom over for Florida?

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Are the days of the housing market boom over in Florida or is it just a phase?  Right now we know that the Florida market is in a huge slump.  Currently there are so many factors affecting the Florida housing market.  I'm going to blog for the next few days on some of the different issues that Realtors are currently facing in Florida and even some local policies that are affecting Realtors in Osceola County.

I'd like to start an open discussion with Florida Realtors (but anyone is welcome to comment) on how we are all being affected by these issues.  If you have found ways to deal with specific topics please share your ideas. 

The topics that I would like to cover are listed below. 

Issues affecting Realtors in Florida

Property Taxes - Up and up, when will the legislature decide what to do?

Weather Patterns - Hurricanes, tornadoes, bad weather.

Property Insurance - Up and up, Insurance companies pull out, stop issuing new policies.

Mortgages - foreclosures up, lenders getting tighter with their funding and banks going under.

Builders - Standing inventory is high, undercutting housing prices and controlling the secondary home market.


Local Issues affecting Realtors in Osceola County

County ordinances - War against Realtors and their signs, how can we compete?

I look forward to writing and hearing everyone's thoughts.  If you have any topic that you think we should discuss, please let me know and I'll add it to the list and I'll even be the first to take a stab at the issue.