I'm switching from GoToMyPC.com to LogMeIn.com

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I've been using GoToMyPC.com for several years now.  It allows you to access your computer from any other computer that is connected to the Internet.  It has been a pretty good tool for me.  I like having all my email sorted and kept organized on one main computer.

A colleague in my office turned me on ot LogMeIn.com.  It's the same kind of service as GoToMyPC.com but I have found two things that will make me switch.

  • $69.95/year vs. $179.40/year
  • LogMeIn.com allows me to allow a guest to access my computer with me.

I'm always one to experiment and do comparisons so I set up my laptop with my Verizon broadband wireless card next to my office desk top computer and watched the two screens as I performed various tasks.  Both programs seemed to be equally as fast.  There was only a split second delay between my laptop and my desk top. 

Both programs allow you to transfer files from computer to computer. 

Both programs allow you to print from your computer that you are accessing to a printer you have at your remote location.

LogMeIn.com allows you  to the easily set up a guest to be able to access your computer with you.  I haven't tried it yet but my colleague used it with a client of his when they were having trouble navigating a website.  You send them an email with a link which then allows them to see or control your computer screen from where ever they happen to be. 

I am thinking of using it to look at homes together on the MLS with a client without them having to come to the office. I find that many people are impressed with all the tools that I have access to to search for information about houses.  How awesome would it be to take a second to send out an email to a caller and then do a dog and pony show on your computer while they watch their screen and listen to you on the telephone.

One thing that I finally figured out after all these years of use is that if you have different size monitors you need to use the "actual size" setting instead of the "fit to page" setting.  When you do this, the graphics are exactly what you would be seeing on your main computer.  I had always complained about how fuzzy things were when I used GoToMyPC.com because I had always used "fit to page" and it would reduce the page and make it difficult to read.  So play around with those setting.  You can get it to be crystal clear.

So with the extra "invite guest" feature and all other things pretty much equal, I don't see any reason to pay an extra $110/year by staying with GoToMyPC.com. 


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About the Author:  Tim Maitski has been a full time Realtor since 1999. He has sold several hundreds of homes in areas around metro Atlanta.  Tim started with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta and is now with Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage.


Along with blogging on ActiveRain, he provides one of the best real estate websites in Atlanta at www.HomeAtlanta.com .


His proprietary  "Maitski Line Reports" chart out the absorption rates over the past 14 years in 37 different market areas.  Know when it's a good time to buy or a good time to sell.    


His online Property Tax Calculator allows you to compare property taxes in many counties and cities around the Atlanta area.  He provides the Atlanta MLS Power Search Tool that allows searches of homes using over 35 specific criteria.


Over the years, Tim has optimized his business so that he now can offer a huge 50% commission rebate to his buyers.  The more experience one gets, the easier the job becomes.


Tim also has a "Five Days to Sold" System that uses an intensive marketing blitz to create a showing frenzy that creates urgency and offers.


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GoToMyPC.com also has a quest invite feature.  
Jun 03, 2007 11:14 AM #20

I love the Guest Invite feature of gotomypc.  I have uaed it many, many times and has always worked.  I also love the drag and drop tranfer of files or the file transfer utility for my larger files. 

If you can catch when they are running specials, I was able to get a 2 pc account for only $19.95 month.


Aug 09, 2007 04:30 AM #21

Check out www.gointomypc.com or www.dialintomypc.com they offer a FREE service similar to IT reach from logmein.com it allows a consultant to dial in and take over a computer and fix an issue without having preinstalled software. it is sponsored by a company called www.onlinebackupvault.com ITS completly free no catches!!..for that matter there isnt even a sign up!!


Aug 18, 2007 08:36 PM #22
Nothing beats gotoassist for tech support, and my gotomypc does have a guest invite. Just FYI.
Dec 09, 2007 08:35 AM #23
onlinebackupvault.com - gointomypc.com

i like GoInToMyPc.com sponsored by OnlineBackupVault.com  it offers free remote support software available on the fly.


Jan 14, 2008 09:23 AM #24
I use GTMPC since years - they have a guest invite feature (though I did not test it), and if you ask, they can rather easily send you to a special price page, much lower - now I control 2 PCs and I pay only 9.95$ per month - additionnally, I can use it easily from my smartphone, anywhere, which is is very handy (if you set the host screen to 1024x768 - my Smartphone has a 640x480 screen) - Eric, France
Feb 10, 2008 09:33 PM #25
PS.  just tell them that it's too expensive, that you have money problems, that you want to cancel all - that's what I did (it was true!) and since they lowered a lot, I could keep it - there are different kinds of promotions, you must struggle a bit
Feb 10, 2008 09:36 PM #26
Joseph Skinner
Skinner & Associates Realty - Myrtle Beach, SC
Myrtle Beach Real Estate
I just checked it out and seems very useful, Thank you for sharing!!! Jay Skinner
Feb 19, 2008 01:47 AM #27
Geoff Scowcroft
Coldwell Banker - Studio City, CA

Logmein.com offers a free version and a paid version of the software. The free version works great for me. If I need to transfer files I will email them or use FolderShare.com. Logmein.com now has a Mac version that works great. The software has been very helpful helping me support some friends and family when they have computer issues.

Mar 28, 2008 05:20 PM #28
GoToMyPC has always had guest invite. You right click the MYPC icon in the system icon tray, then click invite guest. I would have done some research before posting a blog.  
Apr 28, 2008 08:14 AM #29

Personally, I've found Techinline Remote Desktop www,techinline.com to be the easiest to use, and even my computer-illiterate clients do not stumble upon any challenges when initiating the connection. Since it runs through the web-browser, you do not have to install anything and you can run it from any point in the world, which is also helpful. Obvously it's not as full-featured as LogMeIn, but I find it very helpful for straighforward remote support.

Jul 04, 2008 01:24 AM #30
Justin Chester
Help My Computer Please - Texarkana, TX

Excellent choice i love logmein.Its fast and great and i use it everyday to help clients worldwide


Its good to be in the Rain

Aug 08, 2008 03:34 AM #31

How many people can you invite to view your screen with log me in? Just one? John Mayfield recommended a couple of tools that allow you to invite multiple people to a web meeting. Gotomeeting was the first but that's too expensive, and i think its apart of gotomypc, so no point in mentioning that. However he also recommended Mikogo http://www.mikogo.com Mikogo is also my choice as it is free and allows you to invite 10 people to view your screen simultaneously. Better for web presentations and meetings.

Aug 21, 2008 11:31 AM #32

I have used GOTOMYPC for many years.  In the last year, I am having connection problems.  Same PCs.  It appears that during certain times of the day, it takes longer to connect.  "Launching" appears, the scroll happens, but no connection.  I have asked their tech support if this is a function of their capacity.  They say no but can't tell me why my connection is slow.

Any one else with this problem. I am close to switching.

Sep 08, 2008 04:34 AM #33

I for years was using gotomypc.  Our IT guy told us to switch to logmein.  I had problems from day one.  Could not consistently connect.  After a week or so of frustration,  I went renegade and went back to gotomypc.  Consistent connection coupled with the ability to capture whatever printer the computer you are working on is connected to with minimal hassle is priceless.  You can't talk me into trying logmein again. 



Dec 30, 2008 04:56 AM #34

Five monthes ago I used GoToMyPC and then I switched to Logmein to save money. The free version of Logmein is likely to be adequate for many FTers who need to read a file on their home PCs. The $69.95 Logmein works well for users who also need to transfer files easily and print remotely. Then I tried another good remote access tool called PC File Transfer (http://www.pc-file-transfer.com/"). It costs just $29.95 and works perfectly for me.

Jul 13, 2009 07:52 PM #35

You guys should definitely try MyGreenPC (http://www.mygreenpc.com), these days they are giving away Premium accounts for free. That's the best one, I've tried so far not to mention, totally free!

Aug 13, 2009 03:42 AM #36

You may also want to try free Ammyy Admin

It doesn't require installation or specific config. It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping as well as within one LAN.

Good alternative though!

Jan 20, 2012 01:36 AM #37

Try this Ammyy Admin www.ammyy.com
The software doesn't require installation and registration. You can connect to any PC which is behind NAT.

Nov 15, 2012 08:50 PM #38
John click

$69.95/year GoToMyPC is only for 2 participants, right? One host and one attendee. What if I want to join a meeting say with 10 participants? Cost will increase, correct? That’s the exact reason I prefer one time payment option such as RHUB or Bomgar remote support appliances. It gives you the power to host meetings with unlimited users. 


Oct 17, 2013 05:07 PM #39
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