Back to Basics Maybe A Good Thing!

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People have always wanted more than they need.   The availability of easy credit for the past 20 years has made that a reality for most people.  And, I have to admit ... I was one of them.  In looking back at the money I spent on "things"  that no longer exist or have any real significance is mind boggling.  If I had just saved 1/4 th of it, I would be a happy camper today.    

In thinking back to my childhood where money wasn't as easy to come by ... I have so many  fond memories of  the  times my family spent together just doing simple things .... board games, fishing,  sleeping in tents in the back yard, weekend drives to the mountains with picnic lunches, frisbee golf, flying kites and so much more.

Many of our vacations were "Staycations" and we spent the week doing things locally and had as much fun if not more fun than when we went away.  One of great things about living in Northern Virginia is the number of things to do in the area that don't cost you an arm and a leg. 

Since "Frugal" is the in thing today, I know based on my own memories that frugal nights and days with your family can be some of your best.  There are numerous way for the family to have fun, be together and spend little if any money.  Be resourceful and creative, keep an open mind and a fun heart.  After all, nothing's better than laughing with your family and laughs are free.








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Rudy marcio


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May 13, 2011 04:27 PM