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Discovering social media

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Discovering social media

So what exactly is social media and what does it possibly have to do with your business? Why should you care? According to the authors of Wikipedia, social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures. Note the key term: social. A social event is one where many people are invited; the word social implies other people are involved. Someone who is antisocial is considered as a person who doesn’t want to be around other people. Therefore, social media is a form of Internet media that involves publishing information, videos, photos, etc. with others being involved.

The three key advantages of your business participating in social media are:

1. It improves SEO success.
2. It permission-based
3. It can be used to promote your website, blog, videos etc.

The world of social media is growing and changing every day. There are three kinds of social media today: publishing, sharing, and networking. Personal sites like myspace, Facebook and youtube have led the way for more business-oriented sites like Linkedin, Active Rain or BuilderRadio to name a few. Regardless, they all serve a valuable role in empowering your marketing program by either sharing information, publishing information or networking you with others who may have an interest in you or your homes. By this point in the discussion, you’re probably asking, “what exactly do I do and why?” Let’s use the three advantages listed above to explain how it all works. So how does social media help with SEO?

Remember the concept behind the Internet. Picture with me a spider web with all the threads linking to all the other threads in a direct or indirect way. That’s a visual picture of this point. Let’s say you have a real estate office called Coldwell Banker Innovations with 75 agents. If all 75 agents join Linkedin and list your company as their place of business and use your URL in their email, then you just gained at least 75 more online touch points. Now let’s say they all have a Facebook site and also list your company URL as their place of work. Now you have 150 touch points online. Actually you likely have many more because they also answered questions and filled in other information that links you as well. Now, what if 15 of your agents have their own blog … more touch points. Now what happens when people correspond back and forth using Facebook or Linkedin? More touch points. What happens if 20 of your agents read the same book and go to Amazon and fill in a book review … you guessed it, more online touch points. You see, all that digital information lives on in hyperspace. That information is what search engines use to find your site when someone types a keyword into Google or Yahoo.

Let’s discuss permission-based marketing. As you know, consumers today have grown weary of our intrusive marketing attempts. They’ve learned how to avoid our marketing message using tools like remote television controllers, TiVo, satellite radio, caller ID, and spam filters. They’re not listening unless they want to … hence permission-based marketing. By sharing published information using social media, the consumer has an opportunity to date your company before buying, not unlike Internet dating services. When you publish your professional information on Linkedin or Active Rain, you are giving your audience permission to peruse it. When someone else published a video on youtube, they’re giving you permission to view it. Social media is a great tool to use to publish editorials, distribute press releases and promote new products. I suggest you publish everything you can everywhere you can as often as you can. 

How can social media promote your website or blog? Easy, remember our spider web image. Let’s say our company, Coldwell Banker Innovations just landed two large builder clients. The first thing to do is write a press release telling everyone what has happened. Be sure to keyword load all your published materials with keywords that point back to your website or blog. That way, when you upload your press release to a site like www.nhgbuzz.com, your keyword loaded copy is linking the editorial back to your website or blog, thus pushing you up in search engine searches.

That’s a quick review of the power of social media. This subject is much deeper than your kid’s myspace site. The potential value of social media is huge and best of all it can be measured. My company would like to introduce you to the power of Internet social media. Remember, your market is shrinking, but the opportunity is growing every day. Visit our website at www.brianflookgroup.com or www.power-marketing.com call us at 800-932-0494.

Cameron Novak
The Homefinding Center - 1000 Palms, CA
Real Estate Broker since 2008

I agree about the advantages you listed, but I'm still working my way into the mix.  There are so many options for social networking out there.


Apr 08, 2009 01:31 PM