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Are you ready to venture into international markets with your online business, but aren’t quite sure what’s required? That’s the perfect time to bring a Virtual Assistant onto your team. Many Virtual Assistants are skilled at helping find new markets and customize your marketing approach. Let’s look at some of the ways an offsite personal assistant can support your international success.

Learning What Works
The key to success when you reach out to international clients is to learn what will and won’t work in those markets. This is the time to have your Virtual Assistant do research on the regions or countries where you hope to gain customers.

Have your VA help you plan changes to your marketing based on that research. She can help you identify the products that would appeal to each area by looking at other vendors’ sites. The information she gains about what sells best in markets beyond your own country should be the basis of your expansion.

With her help, consider you best approach. Are there phrases or words that have different meanings there? Would it be worthwhile to have your website translated into other languages?

Your Virtual Assistant can help you find the right professionals to upgrade your websites for international traffic. She can also assist you in setting up shipping processes that meet the requirements of other countries.

Making It Happen
Many business owners believe they should hire permanent staff when they expand to new regions or countries. The truth is that you can contract with a Virtual Assistant through a company like 24/7 Virtual Assistant and save your money for business expansion.

The 24/7 Virtual Assistant customer interface makes it possible for any company, anywhere, to access great virtual support. They offer promotions frequently to keep the cost of a Virtual Assistant really affordable. Their flexible monthly packages allow you to budget exactly how much you’ll spend for that support.

Because their offsite personal assistants work with you via email, telephone or the Internet, they aren’t locked into one geographic location. They may even reside, or have experience working with, a country you’d like to sell to. Allow them to help you set up marketing, sales and delivery systems that work for your new markets.

Obviously, there’s no reason for an Internet business to rent expensive office space, even when it goes global. Many successful firms now drop ship to customers all over the world from their vendors or warehouses.

For example, if you market sales training CDs, have your Virtual Assistant research on-demand audio production houses that will ship internationally. Looking past traditional methods of doing business can make a real difference in your profits. Working with Virtual Assistants is what forward thinking international firms are doing.

You’ve made a smart decision choosing to expand beyond your primary markets. Take advantage of your Virtual Assistant’s superior research and administrative skills to create a strong base for your venture into international sales.

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This is an interesting post. We are in the Mountains and while I see the benefit and International market if you were on the coast I am not sure about it here. your thoughts?

Apr 09, 2009 12:21 AM