Virtual Assistants Can Do That??

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As an online business owner, you may have already ventured into the virtual world of staffing. There are, however, some business-building tasks a Virtual Assistant can do you might not have considered. Here are three important things online and small business owners have discovered can be done by offsite personal assistants.

  • Pay Your Bills If you’re like the rest of us, at some time you’ve probably said, “I wish someone would just pay my bills. I don’t have time to stop and do it!” Those of you lucky enough to work with a virtual staffing firm like 24/7 Virtual Assistant have the answer literally at your fingertips.

    With today’s secure online technology, it’s possible to enter your account information into a private portal, to be stored until it’s needed. Because it is secure, your Virtual Assistant can’t access your information, but she can set up bill paying schedules and automate the entire process.

    Imagine loading your account information once and then letting your talented personal assistant take over. No more missed payments or late fees. You’ll actually save money on finance charges, and have someone reviewing your bills carefully.

    Why not join those of us already enjoying this new freedom? Spend your time growing your business, not paying bills.

  • Manage Your Virtual Staff As your business grows, continue to staff it with virtual specialists. Allow your Virtual Assistant to help you filter applications, set up interviews and forward contractor paperwork. You can still interview and hire the people you want, but a personal assistant can manage the process.
    Many online businesses work virtually with such specialists as accountants, web designers and copywriters. A Virtual Assistant can act as a team coordinator, doing important tasks like scheduling staff web meetings and helping create an online timekeeping process.
    There’s no reason for online businesses to be bogged down in the overhead of office space and equipment. With a great Virtual Assistant coordinating your team, you’ll have the freedom to keep growing your company while saving money.

  • Find Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates Because many Virtual Assistants have excellent research skills, they can help find joint venture partners to expand your business. Allow your VA to create reports on possible joint venture partners. Once you find good possibilities, she can act as a contact point and coordinate communication with your partners.

    You may also want to offer an affiliate program, and an offsite personal assistant can help locate likely prospects to approach. With the right Virtual Assistant, you can also turn over coordination of the affiliate interface to her.

A well-trained Virtual Assistant is the answer to many of the issues faced by growing businesses. She can become an invaluable team member and be as committed to your company’s growth as you are. Start looking for just the right person to meet your needs, and find out just how much you can hand off that’s slowing you down. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised!

Jim Scheller
Bridge Realty - Mankato - Mankato, MN
ABR, SRS, e-Pro, GRI

I've been toying with the use of a virtual assistant, but haven't had the resources to give it a go.  With a few closings coming up, though, it may be time.  I do have a local accountant paying my bills, though.

Thanks for broadening my horizons!

Apr 08, 2009 11:57 PM