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The #1 Myth For Selling Your Home That Kills Most Deals In 30 Days!

"Honey, we've got to put our house on the market and get going with this."

"I know, I know, but who are we going to list with?"

"I don't care, just as long as it's with one of the big companies in town.  I don't want any of those smaller companies representing me.  Our house will never sell if that happens."

Selling your home is a serious transaction and event in one's life; true or false?  Would you also agree that you want someone who is going to market our house to the nth degree and expose it to more "potential buyers" than not?  And would you also agree that Internet technology now plays a larger role in "exposing" your listing to more potential buyers than ever?  If you agree to all of these statements, I've got some news for you!

  1. Whether you are a Realtor with ReMax or with Traditions Real Estate, every listing with a licensed Realtor appears on our MLS (Multiple Listing Service)  All 700+ Realtors now have access to that listing and can show and sell that listing to their client.
  2. Most larger companies will traditionally have a larger commission they must charge their clients (the sellers).  They will tell you that by paying this commission you are getting a lot more bang for your buck.  That is false! 
  3. Traditions Real Estate has flexible commission plans starting at 5% allowing you the client, flexibility as well when selling your home.
  4. Do you believe that having your listing on a television show on Sunday will expose your listing to more "potential buyers?"  Is there a better way to expose your home to more "potential buyers?"
  5. Do you believe that having open houses listed in Sunday's newspaper will expose your home to more "potential buyers?"  Is there a better way to expose your home to more "potential buyers?"
  6. Larger companies definitely have their place in our community and are not going anywhere.   The branding of a listing by a large companies sign does instill a sense of trust in a home seller, but it DOES NOT SELL A HOUSE!

A Realtor sells your house ALL Day, EVERY DAY!  If your Realtor can't answer yes to the following questions, are they the right Realtor to market and sell your house?  It's up to Realtors to educate the public on how a listing gets properly marketed and sold in today's market. 


  1. Take 36 full color, high resolution, wide angle lens photographs of your property and place them on their website?  Fact: Most Realtors don't even have a decent website.  They barely put 8 photographs on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and those photographs are horrendous; end of story.
  2. Offer a free Virtual Tour that stitches together all 36 photographs. Fact: 95% of Realtors in town do not offer a Virtual Tour.
  3. Advertise your property on his website, 100 other top Realtor websites in town, plus 30 of the top local, regional, and national real estate websites.  Fact:  You'll be doing good if your listing ends up on our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Cedar Rapids.
  4. Offer his company as a full service brokerage with flexible commission plans starting at 5%.  Fact: Many companies have their hands tied when it comes to negotiating a commission that suits the seller and not the company.
  5. Blog about your property weekly on several top rated real estate blogs?  Fact: Once again 95% of Realtors in town don't even know what a blog is and they don't realize how powerful a medium blogging is when it comes to advertising your property "virally" across the Internet.
  6. Shoot video of your home, the neighborhood, general surroundings, etc.?  Fact: 97% of Realtors will not take the time to shoot video of your listing and broadcast it to several real estate video websites across the country for maximum exposure.  Are you starting to see a trend here with our local Realtors???
  7. Have a list of potential buyers in your price range?  I have a database of hundreds of buyers in all price ranges looking for the perfect home.  Fact:  Most Realtors don't do enough business to even have a database, much less a "list" of buyers in any price range.
  8. Have a website on page one of Google?  My website receives over 100 visitors per day looking for Cedar Rapids real estate.  Fact: If a Realtors website is not on the first page or two of any key search phrase, they will NEVER be found.
  9. Honestly discuss with you the price you can expect to receive for listing your home?  Any Realtor in town can list a home for 5-10K more than it's worth because they have been "strong armed" by the seller.  Fact:  I walk away from more listings because the seller will not agree to a price that will sell their home, and not let it sit on the market for six months. 
  10. Get over 100 visitors per month that fill out specific search criteria looking for a home.  Fact: If you don't have a viable real estate website that can be "found" on the Internet, you will never achieve this statistic.
  11. Receive a text message when a visitor comes on his website searching/inquiring about one of my listings.  I've sold several of my listings because of this feature that allows me to be in touch with a buyer for one of my listings in "minutes."  Fact: A large percentage of Realtors do not use this technology to it's fullest extent.
  12. Market your home 24/7?  My website, blogs, & video blogs showcase your hom to more potential buyers than any other Realtor/Brokerage in town!  Fact:  Most Realtors feel that if a sign is in the ground, and the listing is on our MLS (Multiple Listing Service), that it will sell.  This is actually true!  The listing will sell, in about six months because it wasn't properly marketed by a Realtor who uses technology and the Internet to expose your listing to as many potential buyers as possible.
  13. Promise to market your house on their TV show?  Fact: I just reached over to change my babies diaper while watching the TV show and I missed my listing which was being showcased on Sunday morning.  Fact:  A TV show spot for 15 seconds will not sell your home, period!
  14. Promise to advertise your listing in the newspaper?  Fact:  The Stefan Swanepoel Real Estate Trends Report for 2009 declares, "Newspaper advertising for homes is dead.  More and more customers are turning to the Internet to initiate and captivate their home search."
  15. Promise to do Open Houses?  Fact:  an Open House invites 8 out of every 10 people into your home that are not even qualified to purchase your home.  That same 8 out of 10 people do not even have a Realtor they are working with to represent them.  Six out of every 10 people still have a house to sell first, before they can even consider buying yours!

Ready to list with a former school teacher who listens to your concerns, prices your home using our exclusive "Highest Priced Analysis," and markets your home to more potential buyers than any other Realtor in town??? 

Christopher Smith

Traditions Real Estate


Licensed Realtor in the state of Iowa

"Success in real estate at the SERVICE of others"

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