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Hi All-

It has been awhile since I have blogged.  There has been many reasons why.. I have been very busy staging, designing closets for clients and networking and I just did not have the time.

It is important to get back to the basics and determine the keys to any businesses success and follow the path.  Many of us are small business owners and find it difficult to get all that needs to be done completed without giving up all of our personal time.  I have been fortunate enough to be taking group business coaching classes with Mike Goldman of Performance Breakthrough and I have been learning a ton.  Being in a group setting also has allowed me to hear what other small business owners are having trouble with, and then we get to discuss alternatives that might help each other.

Local networking groups are a very important tool in these economic times.  It allows us to get out and meet others who want to grow their businesses as well.  I have been going to four or five different networking events each week, and this has helped me meet hundreds of new connections.  It also allows me to add their contact information to my database.  With this information I now have people to refer to clients, friends and colleagues.  I also add them to my Constant Contact list so they can receive my bi-monthly newsletters.

Its a funny thing about newsletters;  they are a great source of information and it is important to get them out regularly.  Keep them filled with facts that others can use.  Make the headlines simpe and attract the reader's attention.  You can also use part of the space to inform them about a colleagues' business. 

Well, now you know why I have not been here.. but I plan to be back with important information on how the networking is assisting in my business endeavors.  If you have found networking to be positive source of revenue for your business, lets share the information and event calendars.  Maybe you might know of one that I can benefit from and vice versa.. 

I look forward to hearing from you..