Great American Realtor Days - 4-2009 - Let me know your real estate thoughts.

Real Estate Agent with Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island, Inc

This post serves two purposes...

Firstly, I am traveling up to Tallahasee to the Great American Realtor days and meeting with leaders of government over the two day conference.  I live and work on Anna Maria Island and the largest factor affecting our area is the updated guidelines required for purchasing condominiums on the island.  Of course I plan to communicate the largest real estate concern regarding Anna Maria however I would like to help fellow real estate professionals if possible.  What is affecting your area of real estate negatively or positively that you feel is important to communicate to our politicians?  Each area has varying demographics and legislation can severely impact one area where another is less effected.  Let me know...

Secondly, I will be traveling up the Gulf Coast and plan to visit several Gulf Coast resort areas on a fact finding mission of real estate values, vacation rental values, and general information of the area.  If you live in a Gulf coast resort like community North of Tampa I would love to hear from you so I can add the area to my visit. 

Make today a great day!

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