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Creating Our Own Product

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Mountain Properties

The great thing about real estate to me is that as salespeople we truly create our own product, our service.  We create in in the relationships we cultivate with our clients and the integrity with which we dispatch our fiduciary responsiblities.  This is an enormous responsiblity and opportunity.  Practiced honestly it is a beautiful opportunity to actualize oneself, to become the best you can be as a human being.  I'm not talking about how much money you make but the difference you make in another person's or family's life when they depend upon you.  I always think about that when advising clients in buying real estate in Boone, North Carolina.  That is the satisfaction you can take when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning or looking back upon the end of your career and the meaning of your life.  I'm very grateful for the privilege of creating my own product which enables me to live a life of integrity with respect to my clients' interests!  What a superb profession!