Preparing for Rain

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Not sure how many have seen the movie, Facing the Giants, but it is fantastic and has a great set of principles.  It is Christian based, and is about a coach at a high school, that has always seen the downside of things and it seems to have come true.  He is possibly losing hsi job, self respect, having financial difficulties, is not respected by his peers and he and his wife are desperately trying to have their first child.

He has a revalation that things will change, so he changes his attitude and how he looks at and deals with everything.   He has a discussion with someone at the school and they talk about "preparing for rain". 

There are two farmers that really need it to rain.  One sits out and complains that there is no rain and that he will fail because of it.  The other farmer, goes out and plows his field, plants his seed and has everything ready for the rain.  He prepared for the rain, and therefore when it came, he was ready, ang the fruits of his labor were bountiful. 

That is what the coach did.  He started working more diligently with his students and the football players.  He teaches them about triumph and seeing the glass half full.  By the end of the movie, the team is doing great, he has his own self respect and the respect of his colleagues. 

I think this is where we need to be in Real Estate.   Many say the market is slow, the bueyrs are not out there, the lending is too tough.  But I say, prepare for rain, so when it comes, weather it comes in a trickle or an all out downpour for weeks, you will be ready, and the fruits of your labor will be bountiful.

Best wishes to all as you prepare for your ACTIVERAIN.

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