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My home is listed, but is not selling! What can I do?

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If you are a home seller and your property remains unsold for a long period of time, there are a lot of possible causes. Here are some of the possible reasons why your home has not sold.


You're selling your property at too high a price

Homes that are not sold immediately are priced too high. Even if buyers love your neighborhood, think your house has awesome curb appeal, they will walk away if they find out the price and it is too high . If you really want your property to be sold immediately, then it would be better to make necessary adjustments to your price. Consider the exact market value of your house then check on the trends in your area to determine if your price is reasonable or not. Keep in mind that you possible have a lot of competitors and overpricing your property will hurt you. Although some buyers could even offer you your list price, the appraiser could reject the price and the transaction will fall apart within a few days of your anticipated closing. Just imagine, the utilities are about to be changed, you are living from boxes, cannot wait to get the keys to your next new home and wham! The appraiser does not agree with your price and the buyers lender stops the transaction!


Your property's condition

Due to the increased number of homes being sold in the current market, your property should be priced competitively. Your property should even look as good the newly built homes to attract buyers. If you're able to market your home properly, then you're sure to get a lot of prospective buyers. You can do this by carefully examining your home. Check out the possible repairs that your house needs. Does your house needs repainting or your plumbing need fixing? Try putting your feet into the buyer's shoes. A house that needs a lot of repairs would definitely not be appealing to you. Most buyers want to move in immediately after purchase. It would be good if you will make some necessary make-over to your house by repainting the walls and ceilings. Refinishing hardwood floors and having carpets professionally cleaned would also be a good way to attract buyers.


Location of your property

This is probably overrated but the location of your property is a huge factor in it being sold quickly. Most buyers would prefer a home that is accessible to almost every facility that they will need. Usually, homes that are near the church, near the school, and near the office are sold faster than those that are not. Buyers also take into consideration the crime rate in the neighborhood. Aside from that, most buyers also tend to check the entire neighborhood's ambiance and look. For each of these qualities that your home does not meet, you should consider a price adjustment.


 The marketing strategy used is not working

A Listing agent is responsible for marketing your home to the maximum number of buyers. Over 80% of buyers use the internet to research the homes they will consider buying. Is your listing brokerage internet savvy? Do they have upgraded Realtor.com listings? Do they feed their listings out to as many other internet websites (including their competitors) as possible? Please note that many traditional companies tell you they want all agents to sell your home, but in reality they are trying to keep all the commissions for themselves! If you have concerns about this, then perhaps you should be looking at other listing agents.


Homes are "just not selling" in your neighborhood

For obvious reasons, you won't be able to sell your home if sales in your area are very low. Usually, there are trends of sales within a certain location. Some locations or neighborhoods may have good sales while other places don't even have a single property sold. Another reason is that many markets currently have more homes on the market than potential buyers! If that's the case, the best possible solution is to sell your property at a very low price. Although this strategy is not popular with sellers, it is still effective if your goal is to sell your property quickly. If this situation could result in less money than you require to satisfy your mortgage, talk to a short sale expert and see if they can assist you. A Certified Distressed Property Expert is a great resource.


Your property can't be accessed by potential buyers

For you to be able to sell your property immediately, it has to be readily accessible. Does your agent have a lockbox on the home? Are they members of the local Multiple Listing Service? Are they part of a national company thus ensuring clients relocating into state can find your property? Short notice viewings will also help. Demanding 24 hours notice will not encourage a buyer or their agent to view your home. Please consider, the easier it is for us to see your home, the higher your chances of getting a prompt sale.

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Emily Hyder

Hopefully, we won't have to deal with selling our home anytime soon, as Nigel found us such an AMAZING one! In fact, he's so good at what he does that it only took one week to find it! He friendly, knowledgeable, and punctual. He's the Yoda of real estate, only he doesn't speak backwards :) He made buying our first home more fun than stressful and even bought us lunch.

If we ever DO have to sell our home, you can bet we'll be calling Nigel!

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