Don't Use MLXJet - an unethical company with non-existent customer service

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I am also having billing issues with this company called MLXJet - MLXjet Media Corp? There site 

Even though I canceled their service over a year ago, out of the blue they billed my credit card for $144.90 for a year subscription back in January 2009 this year. I called them and asked why they are billing Real Estate Agents without authorization and they said nothing other than they would credit me. Well, it is March 2009 and I still have no credit on my credit card statement so I called them again. They now tell me that they will not credit me for the unauthorized billing because it is past 30 days of the billing.

 Just wondering if I am the only Real Estate Agent with this problem with MLX Jet - MLXjet Media Corp?

Original content by Barbara Erskine

MLXJet is an email template company based in California that gives you an extension to use on an email address, so the sender receives notification of the recipient reading your email.

To design a memorable email presentation, I signed up a year ago December to try it for a year.  I did not see the results I hoped nor use it as much as planned, so was not going to renew the service.  Monday I received an email from the company saying they had charged my credit card for another year.  I never received a warning, or notice of impending renewal.

When I called Billing, I was told that not giving the customer notice was the company policy, that I had had 11 months to cancel, and it was tough that I didn't but that I agreed to the automatic renewal 12 months ago.  Their policy was that I had to cancel within 30 days of automatic renewal.

This did not make me happy, so I spoke with the General Manager of the company, who echoed the comments of the billing department.  He said it is the premise of the company to charge without notice so the subscription does not lapse.  He said my account was undoubtedly costing their company money because they probably had to pay a referral fee to someone when I signed up.  He didn't care that I don't want the service, and that I have no desire to continue as their customer.  I now have 11 more months to cancel after I've been charged for a year.

The business practices of MLXJet are unethical and sneaky.  They care nothing for customer service.  They do not give you notice ahead of time for the annual charge because they don't have enough confidence in the value of their product to feel customers would renew.  They leave a trail of unhappy and abused customers.  I hope whoever reads this will not do business with them.

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Kirsten Mason
Century 21 Desert Hills Realty - Kamloops, BC

To get your money back call your credit card company and they more than likely will refund your money. That company was not authorized to charge your card and often credit card companies will refund the money you were charged and withdraw it from that charging company. Just a little bit of paperwork but worth it! Good luck

Apr 25, 2009 07:16 AM