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Nasty mattress



I live off of a (mostly) beautiful country road in (mostly) beautiful Milford Township, Michigan and we’ve had a lovely white blanket of snow almost constantly since sometime last November (some say it was October...).

Unfortunately, when temperatures start to rise, a whole winter’s worth of litter starts to emerge from the melting snow—and now that litter is many times nastier than it was when it was initially chucked from passing vehicles.

Seriously, who still throws garbage from the car window?

We ALL need to do our part and pick up garbage when we see it—even if it’s not on our own property.  If we don’t pick it up, people will add to it—that is a given!  Here are a couple of ways to pitch in:



For those who would like to help keep our little corner of the world beautiful, the annual spring clean up of downtown Milford is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th this year.  Volunteers should meet at 6:00 AM at the Milford Baking Company and if possible, bring a broom, shovel or rake to help with the clean up.  Free coffee and donuts will be served.



Highland Township is holding their larger annual roadside clean up event from April 20th through the 24th.   People who would like to participate should call Supervisor Triscia Pilchowski's office at 248-887-3791, Ext. 6 for more information.  You can choose which road you'd like to work on, but it's important that you stop by the township offices and sign up for it--not only to prevent everyone from going to the same location but also so arrangements can be made to pick up your full bags.

The RCOC will be providing garbage bags and residents can pick them up between April 13th and April 17th at the Highland Township offices (205 N. John Street).  Instructions on what and how to pick up the litter is also available as well as vests for those who would like to clean up busy roads.


***The nasty mattress was finally properly disposed of  :-)

Hey-you dropped something

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