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How to be Wealthy in any Economic Situation

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Recently I was lamenting to a close friend of mine about how I wish I would have made some different career decisions back in 2004. "I would be in a much better financial position than I am today" I told her. Her response to me will stick in my mind and heart forever.

She said: "Micki, if you had made different decisions, think of all the people who wouldn't be in your life right now"


And you know what? She is 100% right.

So this got me to thinking about how wealthier I am today than I was back in 2004, in spite of this crazy economic market.

Do I have the "money" I had back then? No. But you know what I DO have?

 I have a wealth of friends. These are people who love and care about me, cheer for me, cry with me and inspire me to be a better person because of who they are. On my birthday last week I had so many phone calls, text messages and Facebook posts, I was overwhelmed with gratitude at how truly fortunate I am. A lot of these amazing friends of mine would not be in my life had I made different career decisions.

 I have a wealth of knowledge. Before 2004 my understanding of financing and real estate was limited to the fact that I had a mortgage on a home. Financial markets, economics and real estate were scary and foreign to me. Today, though I am no Warren Buffet or Donald Trump, the financial world, economics and the real estate market fascinate me. I am excited every time I can share with and educate my clients so they have a better understanding of how things work BEFORE they buy a home. This excitement has lit a fuse in me to go back and get my degree in economics and finance. I would not have this passion had I made different career decisions.

 I have a wealth of memories and experiences. These are the times that I could attend my daughter's school recital, participate in her Halloween parades and Thanksgiving feasts, and pick her up early for a late afternoon trip to Disneyland or the beach. The times when I held my mom's hand as she was diagnosed with breast cancer, or when I looked into the eyes of my father who is dying, held his hand and told him I understand if he is tired and wants to go. These are memories and experiences that I would not have had I made different career decisions.

 While I realize these things won't put food on the table or pay my mortgage, I know and understand that I am right where I am supposed to be, in this moment and time. Yes indeed, I am wealthier and richer now than I ever was back in 2004.

  So you see, even though the economy may be tough, sales may be down, and the bills may be piling up, stop and take a look at how wealthy you TRULY are. If you look close enough, it might surprise you.


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