Feed Your Business

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If you think about your business as a person.  A living breathing person, you have to admit when it was new, you did all you could do to make it grow.  You nurtured it, you cared for it, you devoted endless hours to thinking about it.  Your attention was on your business no matter what you were doing.  When you slept, if you slept, you were consumed with thinking about you business.

When it began to grow, it felt good.  When it became stronger and started taking care of itself, it was a bit of relief to you.  When it became strong enough to stand on its own and began to run even a bit faster than you thought it would... you were now losing sleep sometimes, not because you were thinking of how to nurture it, but because you were thinking of how to keep up with it.

Now that it is may be mature, it might need that nurturing again.  It may need to be fed and cared for once again.  It is not running out ahead of you, but maybe lagging a bit behind... it is time to feed the business.  Time to revert back to nurturing the business again.

Maybe you need to think about new ways to feed the business.  Maybe you need to take more chances, step outside the norm, start something new.... advertise in a new media, get a real estate coach, network with others.... something new, something different.  Feed your business.

At every stage, your business needs that attention to thrive.  Sometimes more attention, sometimes less, but always it needs news to keep it strong and healthy.


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